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Perianth parts equal or in 2 differentiated whorls

Perianth is a collective term for the outermost whorls of floral organs. The whorls are termed calyx (outer whorl; often divided into sepals) and corolla (whorl inside or above the calyx; consisting petals that are independent of each other or fused into a tube towards the base) in Dicots. In Monocots the term periogon is used when there is no clear differentiation between the whorls and the (usually 6) segments are referred to as tepals. When the whorls are differentiated, they are often referred to as sepaloid and petaloid.

Position of the flower or inflorescence axis

this character is asking where the flower (when the inflorescence consists of a solitary flower) or inflorescence axis (including the peduncle) originates in relation to leaves or in relation to ground level. The states of this character are not always mutually exclusive.

Position of the ovary (whether superior, inferior, semi-inferior)

the position of the ovary in relation to the perianth parts.

Pulvinus (present or absent)

swelling on the petiole - either basal, distal (eg. Marantaceae) or both (eg. Dioscorea) that functions to permit leaf movement

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