A guide for the developers wishing to use data from the eMonocot portal

The eMonocot Portal Software

Q. Can I use the eMonocot portal software in my own projects? Is it open-source?

A. The software that powers the eMonocot portal is licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0. It consists of a number of open source applications, such as Apache Solr, Geoserver, and Spring Batch Admin. Please contact us if you would like access to the source code.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Q. Can I access the data in the eMonocot portal programmatically?

A. Registered users are able to use an API to access data about the eMonocot portal. This is a RESTful API. The following resources are available:

In addition the search feature is exposed programmatically at the endpoint /search. Documentation for each endpoint is provided in RestDoc format, and can be retrieved by making an OPTIONS request to the endpoint (e.g. using 'curl -X OPTIONS'). Requests are secured using either HTTP Basic authentication, using your username and password, or using your API key (found on your home page) with the parameter 'apikey'. The API requires that the 'Accept' and 'Content-Type' headers are set to either 'application/json' for JSON or to 'application/javascript' for JSONP. If JSONP is required, the parameter 'callback' must also be provided to specify the name of the callback function.

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